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  • Business Casual, Say What?

    Business Casual, Say What?
  • Colors To Have In Your Closet This Spring/Summer

    Colors To Have In Your Closet This Spring/Summer
  • Smooth Operator

    Smooth Operator


Well hello there Jordan year. It is finally nice to meet you. This past year has been one wild rollercoaster. Although I trampled along some obstacles I faced some sweet and eye opening times. This past year, I got into a healthy relationship, traveled out of the country, got a job at one of my favorite television stations and entered…
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AH, hello everyone! I know I know it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me. Pardon me but a girl needed some time off! So far, this year has been a lot of back and forth between figuring things out and having myself all together. Do you remember December 31, 2018 when you set all those goals and…
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My Trip to Cancun, Mexico

SPRING BREAK 2019 here I come…those were the words written on my bedroom wall calendar as I counted down the days to April 20th. I desperately needed to take a trip to get away from my hectic schedule in New York City and to my sweet surprise, the idea of visiting Cancun fell on my lap. Over the years, the…
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Why are we scared to talk about love, sex,​a​nd relationshi​…

Okay, can I chat with y’all for a second or two? I don’t know about you guys but I pretty much had to grow up learning about all the above three things on my own through mistakes, conversations with friends and through the very dangerous outlet we call social media. All these topics are pretty much sensitive and uncomfortable to…
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Learning To Embrace Your Mistakes

Did you know that the secret to becoming a wise person is to make mistakes? Did you also know that making mistakes is the greatest step you can take into becoming a succesful person? Sounds hard to believe right? If you’re just like me you probably oftentimes hinder yourself from making certain decisions to avoid feeling ashamed or looking like…
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