Balancing Your College Life.

Now that I am in my junior year of college I can say that I have pretty much gotten the hang of things. Being that I am a college student, some of my blog post will be regarding my student life.


Two years ago, I wouldn’t have pictured myself so independent and focused. Fast Forward to 2016 and I am ahead of the game. I swear these 4 years of your life wont only be the best but the worst. Here are a couple of tips and I’ve learned so far…

  1. STAY ORGANIZED: I can not stress this enough ( maybe this is why I listed it as #1)! In college you must stay organized in order to stay on top of your academic and social life, and most importantly  your financial needs as well as keeping in contact with your family. GET A PLANNER! It works, I swear by it and many people do as well. Every summer I literally go to target and stand in the planner aisle for 30 minutes picking out the best planner for the school year. Have a class at 10am? Put it on your calendar. Meeting a friend for lunch? Put it on your calendar. If a planner isn’t your best bet, jot things down on your smartphone or create a to do list. P.S Before you go to bed think of what needs to be done the following day and make sure that everything on your agenda gets done.

2.SLEEP : Always, always make sure you’re getting the right amount of sleep at night otherwise you’ll be a walking zombie in the morning. Now, I should be the last one talking since its 2:57 am and I am up blogging but yes get enough sleep ( I work best a night, don’t ask.). During your breaks in between classes try to take a nap if its necessary. Those college naps work wonder!

3. TAKE TIME OUT FOR YOURSELF: This is a very essential component of college life. Know when to take a step back from studying, socializing and all your extracurricular activities. Take time out for yourself to just refocus and get your head in the game. Watch a movie, take a nap, drink some tea, do some yoga, go to the gym or even do a face mask! The list goes on and on. However, I swear by it. You’ll feel way much better. Its the perfect way to destress

Most importantly, take each day step by step. Don’t flood your schedule with too much things you can’t handle. If you still feel a bit overwhelmed, get a mentor. Follow those you admire and become someone who motivates. Make sure you’re staying focused and not loosing track of why you’re a college student in the first place.


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