Brazilian Wax Experience-The Good and The Bad!

Now this might be a touchy subject for some but ladies it’s important to take care of your delicate pink purse! For many women as you hit puberty a lot of things start changing in your body. From getting your period to growing hair in areas you might not even like.

I was recommended9499_edmond_uco-web_logo to go to the European Wax Center by a friend of mine. When I first heard the recommendation I was a little bit spectacle. I told myself waste of money and I don’t want to experience that horrifying pain of getting waxed. The thought was just scary enough…UNTIL I got sick and tired of shaving with a shaving stick. I got tired of ingrown hairs and just feeling iffy. Not only that the hair would grow back so quickly. Then I decided to face my fears and headed down to to my nearest European Wax Center.

The cool thing about EWC is that you can make a reservation online and if you’re a first time guest you get a complimentary wax on them. When I got there, I sat down in their waiting area. When I tell you this place is professional. It is super professional. As you walk inside you are greeted by the receptionist and asked for your name and a form of I.D. This place looked like an upscale doctors office. Great customer service!

After waiting, I was led into a private room by a nice woman. As I got into the room I was told to get undress from bottom down. I told myself do I feel comfortable getting undressed in front of a complete stranger. As I laid down on the table I told her this is my first time— she became so surprised. She then asked if I wanted to remove all my hair and I said yes- all of it! I received the Bikini Brazilian. So they remove everything to even your back area.What they do is, they cleanse the area from any oils and lotions and add powder to your labia area. Each waxing place has their own technique as for EWC they use a strip less purple wax. She constantly spoke to me to distract me from the pain but I was cringing for it to be over. No matter how many times you get it done, it will still hurt. You’ll just build a tolerance.

Now this is the scary part! Yes, it hurts. Especially if you’re a hairy person (like me). If its your first time, yes it hurts. Is it worth it? Definitely. It lasts such a long time(Approx. 3-4 weeks). Is it worth the money? Yes, however as a college student sometimes its not in my budget so I usually look for local places.
After its done, they protect the skin with their pre-wax oil and apply their ingrown hair serum. These two products are also available for purchase at each location.

So yes ladies,you’ll walk out feeling incredibly smooth and empowered!


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  1. Caroline
    October 19, 2016 / 5:18 am

    So true I use EWC it’s the best!

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