Is This The Path For Me?

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“I can’t wait to grow up!” were the words that uttered from my mouth as a young girl. Be careful what you wish for they said and I think they were absolutely right. If I could just slow down time, I definitely would.

As I sit down and reflect back on my summer, I begin to say to myself WOW I am becoming an adult, YIKES! Trust me although I am just 20 years old I think about my future and my career way more than I should but hey you rather be safe than sorry, right?

This summer, I began to realize that I am no longer the adolescence I used to be but I am now the young woman I am molding myself to be. Being back in NYC gave me the chance to build memories, work/intern, network and most importantly grow. As I sit here in my final year of undergrad I ask myself “Is this the path for me?”

When I say path, I mean my career and where my life is headed. Now, when I started college I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do but I certainly had some interest. I knew I wanted to use my voice as an outlet for those who choose to remain unspoken and to discuss various issues to a wider audience.

So you may be wondering, where is Barbara headed with all this? What I am saying is if this is the path for me I have to give it my ALL. I have to give myself the push and motivation I need. If I have to wake up in the morning to do a shoot for a post I will. If I have to fix my resume a hundred times to set myself apart I will. If I have to lose sleep over it, heck I will! In the end, you have to realize the end results will make the noise.

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