Did someone say color-block? I have been lacking in the sweater department and decided to slowly fall back into the fall-winter season. The latest global warming crisis has caused me to run away from any coats or jackets. I mean let’s be honest— I am not a big fan of coats. I personally feel like they hide the true details of my outfits BUT truth be told the newest trends have made them such great statement pieces!

Lately I’ve been obsessed with heels but decided to switch it up and grab a pair of burgundy loafers. You know when you’re searching for a pair of shoes and finally found your holy grail? This was it! I could not resist these. I mean the contrasting details on the front makes it a plus.

Can we catch up for a bit?

I’m in the middle of my last Fall semester of undergrad and things are getting pretty hectic. From running to class to work to meetings and lets not forget catching up with family and friends. Most importantly trying not to lose my sanity. Sometimes I don’t give myself enough credit for all the hard work and responsibilities I take on. Being a perfectionist like me can be extremely hard. You’re constantly always trying to make sure you’re getting things done the right way. Yes, I know i’m human and no one is perfect.

 In the mean time it looks like bell sleeves + loafers takes the win!

        Missguided | High Waisted Jeans
      Missguided | Burgundy Penny Loafers


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