Smooth Operator

No need to ask- I am a smooth operator if you may ask me. For those of you who know or don’t know, once I saw this Sade shirt I was on a hunt for it in every Zara store located in NYC. To my luck, I was finally able to land my hands on the last one in a size large. You may be wondering, well why did you want this shirt so bad? I am a huge fan of Sade. Her music is just classic, electric and soothing. I am sucker for throwbacks!

smooth-operator: a person who accomplishes tasks with efficiency and grace, especially one with verbal skills.

FYI- Smooth Operator is one of Sade songs from her Diamond Life album first released in 1984

I am wearing a TJMaxx Blazer found on clearance paired with some ripped mid-rise jeans from Zara and some floral booties. To be honest, when I first saw these booties I told myself these are absolutely hideous but trust me once they are paired well they are to die for. Always be willing to experiment with your looks!

Can we chat for a bit? Lately I’ve been feeling very tired and overwhelmed. I am 48 days away from graduating and things are getting hectic. On top of being a student, I have many on-campus jobs a long with extracurricular activities. Although I enjoy all the things that I do, it can be a bit stressful.I’ve spent A LOT of times pondering on what more I could be doing. Then suddenly, just a few days ago I received GOOD NEWS that I have been accepted into Graduate School and this just reassured me that I am doing more than enough!

TJMaxx Blazer( tbh don’t know the brand, sorry guys)
Zara Mid- Rise Jeans
Ego Official Floral Booties
Zara Bucket Bag


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