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Its no secret that as you grow up you will enter into confusion, troubles and misery all in the process of discovering what ignites the fire in you. If you read my previous post on the importance of digging deep, you can recall me stating that the the practice of solitude is one of the biggest keys to discovering yourself but most importantly your passion. You may be wondering, what do I mean by solitude? When I say solitude I simply mean that you need to really take time to study your overall being.

The real questions are: What gets you up in the morning? What pushes you to go forward? What ultimately puts a smile on your face? How can I find my answer?

Trust me- I just recently discovered my spark a year ago. I began to notice that whenever I would do things such as speaking to people about various important issues or sharing opinions or ideas I would get really happy or motivated. For those of you who don’t know, I major in Mass Communication with a Production concentration. When I started this major, I instantly told myself that I wanted to be an Anchor/ Reporter. From then on I needed to really discover what sparked me to make that choice and why I decided to choose that major (I’ll go into more detail as to how to find your major in college in another post). This also means that I needed to involve God in ALL my decisions.

Upon running into a News Anchor, he gave me the biggest advice i’d never forget and that was “ There are tons of people who want to do the same thing as you but remember… number one, keep it real and number two, find your voice”. From then I instantly knew I had to seek the best in myself. As time went on, I began to study my surroundings and my moods. I realized that I enjoyed being the voice of the people. I know this sounds as something you have heard of before but I ultimately felt that this was given to me by God himself . I felt as though among others, I never got bored of what I was doing and that I was essentially always eager to learn and perfect my craft.

Now let me give you a few questions to think about: Are you happy in the current school you are in? Are you happy with the job you are doing? Do you constantly feel weigh down? If you’re a student, do you enjoy the major you are in? If not, ask yourself why. I strongly believe that as a student, college plays a huge role in your future not because of your career but also discovering what is inside of you. Recently, I spoke to a senior who said she doesn’t like her major and is planning to go back to school for another degree. I instantly told myself, “what a waste of time!” How can you go to school for four years and simply decide to change? This means that you never enjoyed it and you never took your time to discover yourself.

My advice to you is: Always be willing to explore the most deepest parts of you. Always seek for more. Always ask for help if needed. Always push forward even if you fail. Always see yourself as separate from what those negative thoughts in your mind are telling you. Always monitor how you feel about certain things you do. Lastly, always stay true to who you are.

Secondly, prayer is key! In the beginning of 2018 I told myself that I wanted to understand my purpose in life. I needed to understand God’s plan for me and in order to do so I need to connect with him as much as possible. I began to pray more and most importantly understand that there is a season and time for everything. After realizing that the very purpose was in me and all I had to do was to rediscover my purpose a light bulb switched on!

Proverbs 16:3
“ Commit your works to the LORD, and your thoughts will be established”

I know it might seem as though I’ve got it all figured out but trust me it took me a while to get here and I thank my college experience for doing that. In this stage I really isolated myself from socializing like the rest of my peers and took time to be patient with myself.

Let me know if you’d like to know more of my story and as always KEEP IT REAL!


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