Colors To Have In Your Closet This Spring/Summer

WAIT JUST A MINUTE. Do you have your paper and pen ready? Ready? First off, let me just say that I love this season not because its hot out but because I get to play with tons of different colors.

Although trends change from season to season, colors don’t! I usually don’t play with a lot of neutral or bright colors. I stick to my basic red and yellow. Why? They compliment my skin tone of course.

I decided to wear this bright orange dress with other neutral colors like biege and gray. You always want to make sure that if you’re wearing a bright color to balance it out with other neutral colors.

Now what colors should you consider? Definitely grab the Lavender, Sky Blue, Light Green, Pink, Red, Yellow and even my absolute favorite color Military Green or what others would call it “Olive”.

Last but not least, don’t forget your statements pieces. Lately, I’ve been trying to add more accessories to my outfits. I decided to toss in a band straw hat because why not? I am sure you’ve also seen this famous bamboo tote bag all over Instagram. I’ve been on the hunt for it for some time now and found it for just $42.99. The original price for this bag is $178. I told myself, “Barbara don’t do it.. you will only wear this bag no more than 5x this Summer.” Who said you can’t get high end products for the low and still look good?

P.S. To keep up with my high-to-low end finds, check out my instastories on my Instagram under my ‘Closet Finds’ highlight

FOREVER 21 Hat | Zara Dress | EgoOfficial Booties | AmazonFashion Tote Bag


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