What I Learned About Having A ‘Type A’ Personality

To be quite honest with you, I was hesitant to write this post but then I realized that this post is connected to my purpose series and its so important for us to pay attention to our identity and how it plays a role in who we are. Today we are going to talk about PERSONALITY! According to the definition, personality means individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.

It is essentially how we operate as beings and how we respond to things and the way in which we interact with people. As a result, our personality can be traced back to things such as our environment, family background and our experiences. I’ll explain more..just keep reading.. it gets good.

I remember back in my freshman year of college, I took a class called “ College Life”. During this class I took a personality test. Of course, to my knowledge of these quizzes I instantly disregarded them and felt like they were a waste of time. Little did I know, these little personality quizzes were assisting me in discovering who I am and how I operate.

As many of you know or don’t know, people will often define me as a leader and someone who is always getting up and doing something for themselves. I often hear comments from people around me like “ you’re such a go getter” or “ you’re always grinding”.  I didn’t really notice that these comments were setting a tone for the kind of personality I identify with.

Any-who this past year I became more aware of my Type A personality and decided to figure out why I am like this and how this came about. For one, I started noticing that people weren’t always fond of my competitive behavior or my initiative to always take charge of a situation or task. People always judged me for being a leader and quite frankly would often feel intimidated by me. Being that I am a natural born leader, I was involved in a lot of leadership roles on my college campus which allowed me to work with other individuals and different personalities. As I was going along this journey of self-identification, I would often get told things such as “ you need to tone down a little” or “ you’re being too much of a leader”. I began to ask myself but isn’t that what I am suppose to be doing?

I began to understand that my Type A personality affected how I did things. For example, taking down notes and creating to-do-list helps keep me organized and calms me down. I am always expecting things to happen urgently. I am very impatient. (Yes I am working on it). I schedule everything. From the time I have to do assignments to even when I have to eat or hang out with a friend. I am very good at multitasking. I have mastered it!

Type A personality is described as: Competitive, Driven, Workaholic, Leader, Aggressive, Ambitious and Serious. Of course, Type B is the opposite. They are easy going, tolerant, calm, much more acceptive to failures, laid back and relaxed. Now there are always pros and cons to having these two types of personalities which is perfectly fine.

Your personality is created through your experience and it all stems from developing in your childhood into your adulthood. During your childhood you are automatically taught how to act and behave and sas you get older you begin to craft your personalities through your own experiences. By your mid 20’s your personality is stable and cannot change. This is why you often hear the quote of “ you can’t change a person.” This statement is very true! (my opinion of course).

I advise you to take time to reflect back on your childhood and your environment. Always pay attention to the comments people make about you and also observe the way you handle various situations and tasks.

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