5 Reasons Why I Love The Bronx

First and foremost, I was born and raised in the Bronx! Specifically in the Highbridge section of the South Bronx to be exact. Over the years, the Bronx has gone through some changes.. some bad and some good but nonetheless I call it HOME! But guess what everyone, the Bronx is home to some amazing individuals.

To be quite honest, I didn’t grow an appreciation for the borough till my 19 year old self was sitting in my college dorm room all the way in Upstate, NY and I said to myself, “ I miss home”. I started to miss the loud Spanish music I would hear from my backyard to the $4 sandwich from the deli grocery on W 170th to hearing the train dispatcher say “ Next stop 161- Yankee Stadium, stand clear of the closing door, please” and most importantly hearing children playing in the park after school. I started to realize that the Bronx was a place that shaped and defined parts of who I am. It was all that I knew! I went to middle school here, I met most of my childhood friends here and the first church I called home is here! Most of the time when the Bronx comes up, people often immediately turn their heads. Why? Because all you hear is “ the Bronx is dangerous” or “ the Bronx is dirty and too overcrowded” or “ the Bronx is not the safest to live”. Well, I’ve got news for you folks. This borough is the toughest one out and here why I love it:


Lets be real, the Bronx is filled with so many diverse people its like we are our own little world on its own. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t see different faces from different backgrounds.  From Africans, to Latinos, to Asians. You name it, there is variety! We all bring different stories. The Bronx is what it is because of the people who live here.

Creative Talent- So Many Successful People

Kerry Washington, JLO, Regis Philbin, Calvin Klein..just to name a few! Did you know some of these successful people grew up in the Norwood, Castle Hill and even Highbridge sections of the Bronx?    P.S- I’ll definitely be next on the list!

ALWAYS something to do

If you live in the Bronx, you will never get bored! There is always something happening. Whether it is a baby shower, someone birthday or even just to hang out- you will always be out and about.

You Grow A Thick Skin

Now I know other boroughs might disagree with me BUT if you can live in the Bronx you can live anywhere! Growing up here forces you to learn and grow up faster than you should + gain some street smarts!

The Food

I love love food and yes the Bronx has every food you can imagine! Name it! They have the best Spanish Restaurants. My favorite one is on the 4 train stop at Mosholou Pkwy and of course the best Ghanaian Restaurant called Mama G on White Plains Rd. What not love? It gives those who are home away from home, a place to call home!

SO BEFORE YOU JUDGE, I encourage you to do some research and most importantly understand the history and things that are taking place in the borough before jumping into conclusion. Lastly, if you’re from the Bronx I encourage you to give back to your community. Whether big or small! Don’t just sit back and watch everything around you crumble. Don’t just be quick to run away after you’ve become successful but take the time to invest in it.

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