Business Casual, Say What?

…yes, say what! I am pretty sure you are shocked or wondering how do I constantly switch my looks on a constant basis. Now that I am considered a “professional” I believe its important to dress the part but also to remember that outside of that realm you have many different styles that match your identity and reflect who you are. I like to say that every outfit I wear speaks a language of who I am. I am a big fan of ” style- switching” and changing my hairstyle every couple of weeks. Why? Because every hair style I wear and every look I wear reflects the mood I am and what I like. I like to break up my style in 3 sections: Ready for the challenge, chill and class with a little bit of sass!
For one ‘Ready For The Challenge’ reflects my business and professional life as a journalist. When I am in that role I am ready to speak, listen and most importantly do what I love the most which is tell an unspoken story. On the other hand, you have the ‘Chill’ BPS who is in her most relaxed state ready to have fun or even have a simple conversation over brunch! I am more care-free and expressive. Now ‘Class with a little bit of sass ‘ is my favorite style out of all because I love being able to dress up. I am at my fiercest moment. I believe this style is always changing but remains in the world of keeping it classy!
To be quite honest, I feel this has helped me organize my wardrobe. Funny enough, even my closet is separated in 4 sections. I have my church attire, my jeans, my work clothes and my everyday/go out attire! Who knew the clothes you wear can tell a story!
..and guess what? This whole look is from Zara. You can still look good in work wear! Its all a matter of making sure it compliments your overall style.
P.S I am in need of more professional attire. Do you guys have any recommendations or brands I can look into? If so, send them my way!


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