Struggles of Black Women Hairstyles In The Real World

Braids, wigs, weaves and natural hair have recently been making waves in mainstream media. Although it has become embraced in many different ways, the real world has yet to accept these hairstyles for what it is and to be honest, I am quite sick of it! I am sick of having to be conscious of my hairstyles just because this is what ‘corporate America’ wants. If I could go back and give my 13 year old self a word of advice, it would be “Relax, it is just hair”.

Back in high school, I was obsessed with my hair. When I say obsessed, I was obsessed with having it look perfect at all times. I blame social media and the conceptions of beauty for! During this stage of my life, I constantly relaxed my hair every 4-6 weeks. I would spend $25 at every salon visit just to keep my hair straight as possible. I did not just go to any salon, I went to a Dominican Hair Salon. Little did I know this heat was doing more damage to my hair than good. I vowed to myself that I would never wear “fake” hair… boy I was wrong!

Fast forward to now, I am in love with having the option to change my hair anytime I want. However, those who do not understand the black women hairstyles can make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. It is really hard to discuss about hair with people who are non-black or just don’t understand how our hair works.When I went away to college, it became really difficult to take care of my relaxed hair as I would when I was back home. When it came to my hair I was very picky and didn’t let anyone relax my hair but my mom. As time went on, I told myself i’d give protective styles such as braids a try. I soon began to love it and appreciate it for what it is and how it applies to me being a black woman. Soon after, wigs became popular and I loved it! I can wear my hair long, curly or even wear a short pixie cut wig to look like Nia Long! I became so busy with juggling my classes, jobs and extracurricular activities to even have time to maintain my hair. These protective styles became my safe haven. There were times where I would only wear my hair outside.. BUT as soon as I got into my dorm room i’d take my wig off! Heck.. isn’t that great! I wore protective hairstyles and slowly stopped relaxing my hair to the point where I big chopped my own hair in December of 2017.

Unfortunately, whenever I would change my hair, I had one particular staff who would comment on my hair every single time. It became so annoying! I said to myself, “can’t you just see my hair and shut up”. (excuse me) This person would ask questions like, ” So where is your real hair?” or “ How is your hair so flat underneath to how long does it take to do your hair?” I don’t believe there is a problem to ask questions about my hair but I do believe people should be conscious of what they ask. Its important to sometimes just mind your business!

Now when it comes to the workforce, black hairstyles can be tough. You are forced to keep your wigs straight and at a decent length. Why cant I wear my hair curly or wear my hair in cornrows especially during the summer months? Why cant I wear my natural hair out? After all, my natural hair needs a break. The workforce as a black woman can make you feel that if you do not present yourself as what majority consider “beautiful and appropriate” that you are not qualified for the job or any promotion. I once had a black woman tell me that my wig was too long and that I needed to watch out for that. I immediately became disappointed about how society has influenced us!

Although, some people may have not caught up with the idea of these hairstyles, I encourage other black women who feel this way to stand forces and change your hair as many times as you want. If you buy it.. its yours and no one can tell you nothing!


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