Social Media Is Making Us Feel Bad About Ourselves

I believe we can all agree that social media has impacted the world in a tremendous way. Through various social apps, we are able to connect with family and friends across the country and even advertise products and make some extra cash by buying and selling clothes. Sadly with all its glory, the Internet is destroying us mentally and emotionally. Recently, I’ve become so passionate about the discussion around social media. Why? You may ask. I’ve realized by taking a seat back to analyze social media that I myself have been impacted by it negatively. I’ve compared myself to others.. I’ve felt inadequate about my own body; I’ve felt of less value because of my inability to travel around the world…THE LIST GOES ON!

Over the course of these past few months, a close friend of mine and I have been discussing how social media has become a place to “show off” rather than being your real authentic self. Many people have used it as platform to show their best selves. It has become a platform where competition takes place. We are always trying to be better than the next person rather than being better for ourselves.

Instead we love to post our fancy new clothes, weddings, going out to lunch and so much more. We focus more on showing our good side rather than our struggles. As many of you know or don’t know, I graduated from college a couple of months ago and post-grad life has been sucking me dry! Our society loves to celebrate the good times rather than talk about the bad times. Unfortunately, I was not prepared to welcome this new “adulthood” life but I am here to let you know: do not let social media fool you! I may look well put together on social media but deep down I am dealing with the stress of graduate school, work life and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t get me wrong, no one wants to look bad in front of a large audience but we must realize that anything you do is being viewed and possibly by a young teenager who may even look up to you. Through my observations, I’ve come to the realization that if you do not understand the world of social media you can easily fall into the spell of being pressured to buy expensive things, live up to a lifestyle you cant afford or even get surgery done to have your body look like one of those “instagram models”. In reality, social media has made us have low self-esteem and feelings of anxiety in comparison to others.

Who doesn’t want attention? It’s a natural human thing but sorry I’d like to get attention for the right reason.

“ I know a girl whose one goal was to visit Rome. Then she finally got to Rome and all she did was post pictures for people at home ‘ cause all that mattered was impressing everybody she’s known” from Drake new album Scorpion “Emotionless”

 Let’s be honest, social media has become addictive. I am guilty of always checking my Snapchat, Instagram and even Twitter whenever I wake up in the morning. I am guilty of constantly being on my phone even when I’m at work or even when I’m out to lunch with friends or even in a big social gathering. (Yes, I am low-key an introvert) Social media has become such a bad habit to break. Now granted I am on it because it’s my career but I do believe that as individuals we need to be conscious about what we see. Not everything we see is true! You don’t know how that person who travels around the world makes their money. You don’t know if they are gambling or scamming someone else to live this kind of lifestyle.. you simply wont know! We only know of what people decide to show.

My advice: Let’s begin to live honest lives. Let’s discuss our fears, our worries, our troubles and lets’ be passionate about our lives rather than killing ourselves to impress others.




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  1. Kadidiatou Diallo
    September 4, 2018 / 2:44 pm

    Love this Barbara and I absolutely agree with you! Social media can definitely be a trap and if one doesn’t realize it, it can cause self esteem issues or may also lead to one’s depression.

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