Hello, Chapter 22!

Happy 22nd Birthday to me! It’s been 22 years since I’ve lived and I cannot thank God enough for granting me with another day. This year is a special one for me. Although 22 is an odd age, I am grateful and I all I can say is THANK YOU. Each year on this day is an opportunity to reflect and look back at how far I have come. This past year taught me so much about myself and most importantly about how precious the gift of life is.  Not only is it a special one, this year marks 2 years since I started my blog.

In my 21st year…I graduated college with a bachelor’s degree, I started my master’s degree, I landed a job in two of the top TV stations, I randomly big chopped my hair and went natural, I made new connections, I started to take my blog seriously and the list goes on.

Many people always ask me, “Why do you take celebrations like birthdays so seriously?” (I can get randomly emotional about the smallest things and I believe this is why I have so much GRATITUDE in my heart)

My simple answer to that question is: It is a blessing!

Not everyone has the chance to see another day or even have the chance to celebrate his or her accomplishments. So why not celebrate it while I can?

P.S- The day before my birthday I had a melt down. I woke up late for class and it was raining terribly. I jumped in an Uber and was still late to class. I missed my exam and just lost it! To add onto that, I accidentally left my wallet. I had no cash, no metrocard and none of my debit cards. My mood was ruined and from that point I started giving a close friend of mine attitude because they were not understanding my frustration. Suddenly, during our 15 minute break, I explained to my professors about what happened and they instantly told me its going to be okay and offered to give me money for lunch so that I wouldn’t have to go home. I began to say to myself, “Thank you 21 for ending me off on a bad note” LOL.

I am forever grateful for the roof over my head, my parents, friends and having God push me each and every step of the way! Yes, I have cried, laughed and stressed out over the little things but I made it through. It is time for me to kick 21 goodbye and take 22 by storm!

Thank You For All The Birthday Wishes! May God Bless You ALL!

                                                                      Photography by Mr.Peprah






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