Bye Instagram, Final Goodbye

It’s time to finally call it quits. After much deliberation, I have decided to stop blogging. I have decided to let go of a platform that has become polluted with influencing rather than being inspiring. I am over it! I know you must be wondering… you’ve gotten so far, why now? When I started blogging, I went into it very blind. I was unaware about the amount of money and time commitment that goes into creating content. I did not know that you needed to post a maximum of 2-3 times a week or even a day to stay relevant. I did not know that purchasing your domain and blog theme was expensive. All I wanted to do was to share my experience and what I know passionately and truthfully. As I mentioned before, my language is through words.. because words matter. However, since the start of my blog in September of 2016, I have been through so many bumpy roads. Here is a list of reason of why I am calling it quits:

Very Superficial

Instagram has turned into a platform where people are being influenced to dress and look a certain way to please people. Have you ever crossed a blogger or influencer page and been influenced to purchase items you don’t need? If so, that is really dangerous. I say that it is dangerous because it’s not always genuine and most of the time they are sponsored. Oh, before I even continue please understand that there is a difference between a blogger and an influencer. Sometimes they may overlap but most times you can tell when someone is one more than the other. A blogger is someone who has a written website and writes for it on a constant basis. On the other hand an influencer is someone who has a massive following and often gets invited to exclusive events and parties. Moving along.. as a blogger I have spoken with various different bloggers and followed many of them and realized that I did not want to be like some of them. Now, I am more conscious about who I follow. Don’t get me wrong, I mean this in no disrespectful way but I do not want to represent brands that don’t fit my personality or who I am just for money or more likes and followers. Yes, as a blogger or influencer there is pressure to create likable content. I will not allow these pressures to change how I dress. After all, if I do this it will just change the way I look and may influence someone who follows me to be someone who they are not. Have you ever thought to yourself, why are these bloggers posting expensive clothing and pieces to their followers who can’t even afford it? It’s really ridiculous and eventually makes those who follow them feel as though they are not worth anything.


Boy oh boy this is one of the big factors that has put a hindrance on my blog. Since starting, I have worked with five different photographers. I’ve had good and bad experiences with them. Out of the five, three of them have taught me the biggest lesson of working with people. For one, since I wanted great and impressive content I contacted over 50 photographers on Instagram. Yes, I DM and emailed them all. However, their price range was way above my budget. To be honest, I am not going to spend over a $100 on photos that I will only be posting 2-3 times on my page. It makes no sense to me but that’s just my opinion. I understand that equipment can be expensive and editing takes a lot of time but I believe in being fair and reasonable. After all, these are not wedding photos. Now if I was making enough to afford them then I have no problem but right now it is not realistic for my pocket. Like they say “cut your coat according to your size.” Secondly, I have a big issue with people who have a business and don’t know how to do business. Some of these photographers took weeks to send me my photos or took weeks to respond to me. Additionally, some of these photographers didn’t understand my vision and to be quite honest made me feel uncomfortable. As a newbie this can be critical to your experience. We all know that customers drive your business and they come first. You must please them as much as possible while creating passionate and creative content.


Blogging is expensive and don’t let anyone make you think that we just take photos to look cute and post them. Blogging has to be something you’re ready to get yourself into because it can cost you. However, in order to get out there you need to invest, invest and invest but to be frank I have bills to pay, student loans to pay back and I would like to save. I don’t mind investing in my craft at all but what I do mind is the fact that because of Instagram algorithms and fake persona it makes it hard for my work to be noticed. If I count how much I’ve invested in my blog I’d estimate it to be over $1,000.

So what’s next?

JUST KIDDING! I am not quitting my blog! How can I let go of something I have put so much effort, money and time in. It’s like my baby! I will not let the devil win… of course not. BUT.. my reason for this post is to discuss my frustration and to share some things I wish I knew to others who plan on becoming bloggers or who are blogging and feel alone. I really hesitated to write this post because I know some people may feel offended but keeping it real will always be my policy. Till next time, stay tuned to my next blog post…


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