Does It Really Take 21 Days To Break A Habit?





The old saying and society myth state that it takes a minimum of 21 days to break a habit (good or bad). We all have things we want to change about ourselves. It could either be to stop drinking or to stop being too nice. These things are never to easy to change…BUT guess what? It is not impossible!

According to research, in order for you to change any behavioral habits, you have to work towards new healthy habits. It just takes one step to change. Habits don’t change overnight, it is a gradual process. In order for you to take a step towards change, you need to write it down. You need to plan it. Most importantly, you need to have mindful thinking. I am going to explain this further.

Let me backtrack a little bit

During my last semester of undergrad, I decided to take a women’s health class. Little did I know that the lessons I learned in the class would benefit me later. At this time, I really wanted to dedicate the time to workout 3x a week. I even decided to start meal prepping. I grocery shopped only in the healthy aisle. I googled and youtubed beginner workouts. You name it! I wanted to lose the weight and lose the fat in my arms and stomach. However, my efforts failed. After some time, I relapsed. School + work became so overwhelming that I slowly stopped meal prepping. I just did not find the time! By the time I graduated and settled in back into the city…my weight increased, increased and increased. Why? Because I got too comfortable. The city is filled with different places to eat. Bodegas, fast food, restaurants you name it… If I was hungry it was within my reach.

Suddenly, all my clothes started to either fit too tight or not how I wanted it to look. I stepped on the scale and said to myself I have to stop. I realized I was not happy with how I was looking. I was gaining weight in places I did not want to gain weight in. I was getting more booty and more hips. Let’s face it, I am growing into a WOMAN. Not only am I growing into a woman but my African genetics are coming into play. I have to accept it. This doesn’t mean I can’t change my body the way I want it to look. Secondly, I started to feel bad about myself. Those around me would call me or text me and see my photo on Instagram and say “hey you need to watch your weight” or ” what have you been doing”. I became frustrated. You can’t be skinny without being judged and you can’t be fat without being judged. You never win!

Note:  I am not changing my diet or going to the gym because of people but because of myself.

Anywho, I started to be mindful of the things I was doing. I started realizing I wasn’t drinking enough water. I started to realize I was eating after 8pm. I started to realize I would eat in big portions instead of eating the appropriate amount of food. The point I am trying to make is that when you begin to think mindfully of your actions you are more inclined to change.

From then on, I desperately needed help on my diet and fitness goals. By the grace of God, I found a trainer for a reasonable price from a fellow blogger. As they say, you do not meet anyone by accident. My new trainer has helped me build the strength to go to the gym 3x a week. She has helped me realize that I do not have to go on diets to lose weight. She is teaching me a healthy way to eat right that will not only benefit me but go hand in hand with my fitness training. In less than a month I lost 6 pounds. I can’t wait to see how much more I can do.

Whether you want to build the habit of saving money or going to the gym or even become better at organizing and time management you need to be mindful. It just takes one step.


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