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Well hello there Jordan year. It is finally nice to meet you. This past year has been one wild rollercoaster. Although I trampled along some obstacles I faced some sweet and eye opening times. This past year, I got into a healthy relationship, traveled out of the country, got a job at one of my favorite television stations and entered into my last semester of graduate school. With that being said, I had a lot of thinking and observations to do. I am ready to put the old behind me and begin a new chapter. I am grateful to God for protecting me and blessing me. I have decided to share some things I have learned this past year + fun facts about me I never realized:

  1. It is okay to not feel happy with the way your life is going. You’re human!
  2. Your body is going to change drastically. Don’t let it make you feel less than who you are.
  3. You deserve alone time. You need time to reflect and get away from outside noise.
  4. People will not accept your decisions. It’s not their life. ITS YOURS!
  5. Learn to start investing in your future no matter how young you are. Ex: Start learning how to save, what it takes to be a homeowner, investing in stocks, etc.
  6. Maintain healthy relationships/friendships. It’s important. It’s vital to how you will feel emotionally day in and day out.
  7. If you’re terrified of flying on a plane and elevators….its okay. You are one of the 6.5% of people who feel this way.
  8. I am sucker for love and dream of a perfect home. Don’t let society make you feel bad for wanting to be a mother and wife.
  9. I secretly wish I could abandon my career and travel the world for a year.
  10. Getting rid of toxic friends this year helped me. DO IT. Trust me it won’t kill you.
  11. Asking for help is the greatest thing you can do towards your success!
  12. The enemy will test you when you receive good news… don’t let it talk your ear up.
  13. Thinking of diverting from your original career goals? It is not the end of the world.
  14. Take time to get to learn about yourself. Every night have self-talks with yourself and deconstruct your day.
  15. It is safe to admit that I CANNOT function without my planner + time management skills.
  16. Learn to grow a very thick skin. People words can eat you alive if you let it.. DONT!
  17. Take time to take care of your physical and mental health from time to time. ( I should take my own advice but I have an excuse, right? Grad school is taking over my life)
  18. I feel very uncomfortable in large social gatherings LOL.. yet I’m a journalist. Go figure.
  19. I have grown love for Mediterranean/Greek food.
  20. I hate that I can’t speak my native language (Fante/Twi) fluently.. LOL everyone makes fun of me but I am learning.
  21. I discovered I WILL never be a morning person. My mind works best at night.
  22. Don’t get caught up on what could of been… be thankful for the now.

Thank You For All The Birthday Love + Wishes!! God Bless You ALL


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  1. Angelica
    September 26, 2019 / 1:43 pm

    Love this, you’re amazing! Happy birthday. I pray you see many many more and God bless!

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