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  • Business Casual, Say What?

    Business Casual, Say What?
  • Colors To Have In Your Closet This Spring/Summer

    Colors To Have In Your Closet This Spring/Summer
  • Smooth Operator

    Smooth Operator
  • Holiday Outfits HAUL

    Holiday Outfits HAUL



Hey again, Welcome to this post featuring my dress down looks on the go. I don’t know about you guys but I love to keep it simple and throw on a pair of leggings, a graphic tee or some sweats! Today I paired some of my favorite pieces from Zara along with my newly favorite old skool vans. Wearing: Zara…
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Gingham Too Much

Happy Monday! A little update: These past few months have been so hectic that I haven’t been able to blog as much but luckily for me my junior year of college is officially over. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store! Currently, I will be spending my summer in NYC as well as interning. I will…
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20 1/2 + My Journey

women like you drown oceans – rupi kaur BPS, is what I’m most commonly called by close friends and family. You might think that I’ve referred to myself as such for years. To be honest, it took me a long time to accept and understand my identity for who I was. For years, I never appreciated my blackness, features, culture…
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Skin Care Products For Under $15

The season is changing rapidly and so is the condition of my skin. My face and body changes from dry to shiny to dry to shiny as the temperature changes. The winter is the worst time for my skin because I am constantly trying to find new ways to moisturize my skin. I am always looking for new products to…
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Importance of Digging Deep + milk and honey

In the midst of this thing we call LIFE we must learn to dig deep, love ourselves and most importantly protect our heart and our souls. The importance of digging deep is not just about critically thinking it’s about discovering ourselves. It’s about understanding who we are, our purpose and connecting with things and people around us. It’s about giving…
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