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  • Business Casual, Say What?

    Business Casual, Say What?
  • Colors To Have In Your Closet This Spring/Summer

    Colors To Have In Your Closet This Spring/Summer
  • Smooth Operator

    Smooth Operator
  • Holiday Outfits HAUL

    Holiday Outfits HAUL


Why I Choose To Be A Christian

For some time now I was debating on whether or not I would discuss my religious views and beliefs on my blog. I questioned whether or not I would lose viewers or whether or not I would offend anyone but truth be told, I am rather offending God himself. To start of: I am a Christian. I believe in a…
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Living in NYC: Dining On A Budget! $

Living in a big city can definitely be expensive, providing you avoid lavish restaurants! Restaurants can be pricey especially if you prefer dinning in Midtown Manhattan or the Upper West Side. Being a college student with a budget has definitely taught me how to save on food, shopping and more. If you’re like me and love eating out instead of…
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Sometimes, we get caught up in our busy schedules and having to juggle our priorities day after day. At times it can be hard to just take a step back to focus on our mind, bodies and soul. After a while, I had to learn how to make myself feel good and start focusing on ME! Here are some tips…
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Brazilian Wax Experience-The Good and The Bad!

Now this might be a touchy subject for some but ladies it’s important to take care of your delicate pink purse! For many women as you hit puberty a lot of things start changing in your body. From getting your period to growing hair in areas you might not even like. I was recommended to go to the European Wax…
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Balancing Your College Life.

Now that I am in my junior year of college I can say that I have pretty much gotten the hang of things. Being that I am a college student, some of my blog post will be regarding my student life. Two years ago, I wouldn’t have pictured myself so independent and focused. Fast Forward to 2016 and I am…
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