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  • Business Casual, Say What?

    Business Casual, Say What?
  • Colors To Have In Your Closet This Spring/Summer

    Colors To Have In Your Closet This Spring/Summer
  • Smooth Operator

    Smooth Operator
  • Holiday Outfits HAUL

    Holiday Outfits HAUL


A Subscription Box for Women Sexual Health? No Way

Yes, you heard me right! A subscription box catered to women’s sexual health for women by women. What’s in Your Box? Aims to encourage, discuss and educate women to feel comfortable about their sexuality, pleasures and desires openly without feeling any shame. Doesn’t that sound great? To do so, the company has created a monthly subscription box where you can…
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Why I Decided To Follow the Fertility Awareness Method

For as long as I could remember, when I began my menstrual cycle I always tracked my cycle on an app called the Period Tracker. Now if you’re like me and come from a home where things like menstruation, sex or even puberty are swept under the rug then you know that dealing with these issues alone sucks! Growing up…
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Is This The Path For Me?

“I can’t wait to grow up!” were the words that uttered from my mouth as a young girl. Be careful what you wish for they said and I think they were absolutely right. If I could just slow down time, I definitely would. As I sit down and reflect back on my summer, I begin to say to myself WOW…
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Shop my Looks


Hello again! I put this outfit together for a casual night out. I paired this bodysuit with some jeans and heels. Looks simple right? I received so many compliments from this look and decided to share the deets. All these items were previously worn for different looks. Now let me tell you these heels are cute but super uncomfortable. I…
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Wide Legs + Conversation

This is just my take on an oldie mixed up with new. Last summer I went crazy and purchased tons of different styles to spice up wardrobe. I must say these wide leg pants are definitely a summer essential. YES, when I walk I constantly feel like they are dragging on the floor but who cares you have to look…
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